Drug Abuse Prevention and Management in the Workplace

This book is aimed at preventing employees from abusing drugs and to assist employers of labor, chief executive officers, human resources managers and supervisors to effectively identify and manage drug dependent employees. This book is strongly recommended for all employees who will not only use the content to wade off pressure to abuse drugs but also use the knowledge from this book to prevent their children from abusing drugs

Drug Abuse: Not My Child

This book is aimed at preventing drug abuse in the family. The book provided tips and clues on how to prevent children from abusing drugs and what to do when parents and relations discover that one of them is abusing drugs. It is a “must read” for all parents and adults. Enjoy it!

Drug Abuse: Weep Not Mummy

This book is aimed at helping drug dependent persons to quit drug addiction. It is a practical step towards a successful recovering and remaining drug free. This book is strongly recommended for all those who are struggling on daily basis to quit all types of drugs including alcohol and cigarette.

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